Important Information Related To Your Card

Important Information Related To Your Card

Instructions for using TRUST CLUB Card:

Call Center

General inquiries
*Weekdays 9am-5pm / closed on weekends and holidays (including December 30 to January 3)
*Reporting of lost or stolen card and Automated Voice Response system are 24/7.

Toll Free in Japan: 0120-003-081

From Overseas: +81-3-6770-2800

For reporting a lost of stolen card, please click here

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

Inquiries about Insurance and Buyer's Protection

Toll Free in Japan: 0120-828-929

From Overseas: +81-3-6758-2460

Delta Air Lines

Inquiries on Delta SkyMiles Service and Ticket Reservation

Delta Air Lines Reservation Center


(9:00-20:00, 365 days a year)
*From IP phone, mobile phone and overseas, please call at 050-3850-8388.

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If Your Card is Lost or Stolen

Please follow the instructions below. Your card will be reissued immediately.

Call and report to Call Center (24/7)
<Toll-Free in Japan> 0120-003-081
<From Overseas> +81-3-6770-2801
(We will accept collect calls only if you are reporting a lost or stolen card)

Report to the nearest police authorities
(Please report to the local Police if you are abroad)

Your new card will be issued within 10 days.

*If you are overseas and would like to have an Emergency Card issued, please ask our Call Center (an Emergency Card may not be issued depending on your location or your card usage). Your new card will be issued after we receive the Emergency Card back to us.
*You shall be liable for fraudulent usage of the card if your signature was not on the back of the card.
*Please be careful to protect your card and your PIN. You are liable for all damages caused by transactions with input of PIN.

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A 4-digit PIN is set for each credit card, and is required for the below.
- When shopping at merchants that have IC Card terminal (for IC Cards)
- For obtaining cash or card loan advance at a CD or ATM
- When calling our Automated Voice Response system
- etc.

If you have forgotten your PIN
To confirm your current PIN, please click here

To change your PIN
Your PIN can be changed through our member online service " Club Online".
※ You need to register in advance from the sign-on screen for Club Online in order to use this service.(free)
※ Please order for delivery of " PIN Change Request form", the form and mailling instructions,will be delivered to your Home address by postal mail.
※ Club Online is not available to Supplementary Cards, Diners Club Companion Card or Corporate Companion Card (Mastercard ®).

About setting your PIN
Please pay close attention to handling your PIN. In addition, if your PIN includes the following numbers, it should be changed immediately.

  1. Combination of your DOB
    (e.g. If your DOB is June 21, 1970)
    “0621”, “1970”, “4506”, etc.
  2. Combination of your home phone number
    (e.g. If your home phone number is 03-5463-1122)
    “5463”, “1122”, etc.
  3. Four digits of the same number
    “0000”, “9999”, etc.

About managing your PIN

  • ・Ensure that you are the only person to know the PIN and never share it with other people.
  • ・Since Sumitomo Mitsui TRUST CLUB or Police Department will never ask you about your PIN, you should never respond to such inquiries over phone or email.
  • ・You should not store or carry your credit card with PIN on a piece of paper.
  • ・Since you are the only person supposed to know your PIN, please be advised that in case of fraudulent use of the card with PIN, the loss will not be insured.
  • ・If you forget your PIN, you can obtain it by postal mail by submitting a request through Club Online or over the telephone (Call Center).
  • ・PIN will not change at the time of card renewal. You can continue using the same PIN as before.

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Make Sure You Have Signed Your TRUST CLUB Card

Please check if all the information on your card is correct, and sign the back of your card.
*Please note that you shall be liable for fraudulent usage of the card if your signature was not on the back of the card.

A signature is required on the back of your card.

  • The card will not be accepted if your signature is not on the back of your card.
  • The card can only be used by the Member whose name is embossed on the card.

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Supplemental Card for Your Family

Your family members can also enjoy the privileges of TRUST CLUB Card. Any family member including your spouse, children over 18 years old or parents may apply. Cash advances are also available for family members. Please contact our Call Center for more details. You can request a Family Card Application through Document Dispatch menu of "Club Online".

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Credit Line

Your Credit Line is indicated on your card carrier and your monthly billing statements. Your Credit Line includes the portion that is available to you for monthly clear payment. It also includes the Credit Line for your Family members. Your unpaid balance should not exceed your Credit Line.
*Please call our Call Center if you would like to raise your Credit Line.
*It is only credit line for monthly clear payment, not revolving payment / cash advance / loan, that may be increased.

Ex.) In case your credit lines for monthly clear payment and revolving payment are 500,000 yen each: If you apply for a credit line increase to 900,000 yen, your credit line for monthly clear payment can be increased up to 900,000 yen, while the credit line for revolving payment / cash advance / loan will be unchanged as 500,000 yen.

*All shopping purchases under "All-Revolving" plan, all shopping purchases made outside Japan under "Selected Revolving (Type A)" plan, and all shopping purchases made in Japan by revolving, two-installment, installment, and bonus payment plans under "Selected Revolving (Type A)" plan or "Selected Revolving (Type B)" plan must be within your credit line for revolving.

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Transaction Settlement

TRUST CLUB Card payment is settled as follows.

  • The billing cycle closes on the 15th of each month.
  • Monthly billing statement is sent out approximately a week after the above closing date.
  • Payment will be debited from your designated account on the 10th of the following month. (Some banks debit on the 8th. If the 10th is a bank holiday, it is debited on the next business day.)

*Automatic Debiting Date is indicated on your monthly billing statements.
*Payment can be debited by "TRUST CLUB Card"
*Your card is blocked if the direct debit authorization fails for some reason.
*The Transaction Date on your billing statement may differ from the actual Transaction Date depending on the merchant.
*Identification may be required depending on the goods or the amount of your purchase.

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Exchange Rate for Overseas Card Usage

As all purchases made overseas are processed using VISA/MasterCard's centralized multi-currency system, the exchange rate applied is not necessarily the rate on the date you made the purchase on. The rate includes commission fees.

Visa Card    Master Card

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