We will start issuing IC chip credit cards from July 2019.

Please confirm your credit card PIN.

*Also, please check your Supplementary cards’ PINs.

Using your credit card at IC chip credit card enabled merchants, will require card PIN.
Please make sure you know your PIN.

If you change your PIN after receiving your IC chip credit card, you will not be able to use your new PIN, until you receive a new issued IC chip credit card.
To avoid the inconvenience, please make sure to know your PIN before you receive your IC chip card.

The PIN of your card has been set by either of the following methods.

If you were to change your PIN, please read the important information about “About setting your PIN” and “About managing your PIN”.

[If you have forgotten your PIN]

Steps to request the PIN through “Club Online” (Service for registered card holders)

SuMi TRUST CLUB Card Call Center

(Business hours: weekdays 9:00-17:00)
※Closed on weekends, holidays, and from December 31 to January 3

[If you want to change your PIN]

Change the PIN on phone through IVR(Interactive voice response system)

(Available hours 8:00-21:00)

※Current PIN is required to change PIN.

Steps to follow on the call:

Your PIN will be changed immediately. You may start using the card with new PIN.

■About setting your PIN

Please pay close attention to handling your PIN. In addition, if your PIN includes the following numbers, it should be changed immediately.

■About managing your PIN

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